Questioning Your Sanity When Depressed

Questioning your sanity when depressed can feel futile. Become a Mind Ninja is an insightful and unique book that explains why we feel what we feel under differing situations.

Depression is not a bad word, yet it has strong men and courageous women bowing their heads in shame as that word is blatantly flung around the office, sports field, boardroom and bedroom. The stigma surrounding the word depression is held fast by the lack of knowledge and lack of empathy of self-absorbed individuals who associate it with the word, crazy. The word crazy conjures up thoughts of white lab coats, electric shock treatment and frontal lobotomies. Nobody wants to be the one who "Flies over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Thankfully there is a positive change in attitudes towards mental health in today’s society. Depression can be cured; you can rise and live a life of purpose as the warrior you were born to be in complete control of your mind, body and spirit.

For those of you who have been bullied at school, bullied at home, had your self-esteem stripped from you. For those of you who have lost a loved one, have issues with alcohol or drugs, are going through a divorce, have financial issues, are outcast from your peers or have had suicidal thoughts and stood on the edge more than once, I hear you, I see you, I feel you and I understand you, and I am sorry for what may have happened in your past.

But I am so happy you are reading this now, because from this moment on if you have diligence and you are ready to feel and experience positive change, your life will never be the same.

  • Diligence: determination and careful effort.

  • Ready: If someone is ready, they are properly prepared for something.

  • Prepared: ready to do or deal with something.

  • Change: make or become different.

  • Discover: to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out; gain sight or knowledge of (something previously unseen or unknown).

  • What triggered the spiral of depression within me? Growing up with undiagnosed dyslexia in the ‘70’s made school a mental minefield for me and a volatile battleground. The words Dumb, stupid and nothing had been subliminally programmed into my mind by the various people in my proximity. These words became my echoing belief and were the bad ‘B’ grade scripts that I acted on.

Dark days of depression clouded my judgement on many occasions throughout my life, and consequently, I made some bad choices. I would not change one moment of my life though because it has brought me to this point in my life. My life purpose; to be a guide for lost souls, encouraging individuals to Unbelieve their negative thought patterns and beliefs so they can Redream and live the life they wish.

To become a better version of ourselves we literally have to change.

To change for the better, we must make the right choices.

At an early age, I chose to flip the negative script that had been written for me, the negative script I rehearsed daily and was acting on. I chose to UNbelieve the negative beliefs that had been subliminally programmed into my subconscious mind so I was able to REdream and live the life I wished. I chose to become the writer, producer and director of my epic adventures. I chose to awaken my inner warrior and become a Mind Ninja. My Mind Ninja is now the ‘A' list actor that my daydreams deserve.

With my Mind Ninja in control of my mind, I achieved and for filled many of my life wishes. I was a martial artist studying karate for twelve years. I was an accomplished dancer, roller skater and DJ earning good money from my passions, I was a stuntman for sixteen years and I have been a professional comedian since 1998 and am now an inspirational entertainer, cortisol kicking keynote speaker and CEO of the Mind Ninja Academy.

I was excited and happy that I had flip the script on my early negative programming and was living my life the way I wished, but sometimes life just doesn’t go according to plan and the universe sometimes deals you a bad hand.

In 1992 one month before my 24-year-old fiancée Cherie and I were supposed to be married she got lost on her daily walk in the snowy mountains at perisher ski resort where we worked. I could never have imagined that would be the last day I’d kiss her. Cherie, my fiancée one month before we were supposed to be married died of hypothermia.

I was shattered following this devastatingly bad hand that I had been dealt, it felt like my world, my life and my mind had exploded into a million irretrievable pieces. A dense cloud of depression engulfed me and sadly my Mind Ninja lost control. Following this tragedy, the black dog of depression became my agent and started booking all my gigs. They were generally pity parties for one that had a massive victim trampoline which I used to love jumping up and down on. Alcohol became my medicine of choice as I tried to drown out the voices in my head contemplating suicide.

After the tragic and sudden death of my fiancé, I had no idea what it was like to be a human being. I was instead, a human doing. Doing what my random inner thoughts, my monkey mind and his mad monkey friends, thought were good ideas and fun at the time. Essentially, my destructive thoughts/monkeys became the main actors in my life's little theatre and the black dog was the production manager.

Diligently putting all the theories in Become a Mind Ninja into practice, I am now able to say, I am a human being again. Being in the now, being in charge and being in control of my mind and as a result, I feel fantastic.

It wasn't until I was in my fifties that real change started to occur in my life. Please understand, you are never too young or old, and it is never too soon or too late to become a Mind Ninja and live a life of purpose.

The best life purpose to strive for is to be happy. To be happy in your own skin, on your own terms, and to be able to look into your own eyes in the mirror at anytime, anywhere, and say, I AM ENOUGH.

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle". Christian D. Larson

Questioning Your Sanity When Depressed
Questioning Your Sanity When Depressed

Become a Mind Ninja was written and intended to be for the interested layman who wishes to acquire knowledge and guidance of the mind and its mastery in a simplistic manner that is easily understood with practical and powerful tips and exercises that will enhance your mental health and overall well-being.


Why should you listen to me...?

Because I am just like you, a normal person, well normal in the most abstract sense, trying to make sense of the fast-paced world we now live in, in the best way I know how. I don't have any major degrees; I have no special letters before or after my name. I am writing as a common person, for the common person, to share, and show you that you can achieve your hearts desires once you train your brain for such endeavours. You have a warrior within and the power and weapons to pursue and harness your dreams. Sadly, I feel, a majority of the human population, have been programmed with a belief that you must believe it when you see it.

You don't need to see the sun on a rainy day to believe the sun is there and it is with total belief that you know a star can't shine without darkness.

You are the star; it's time to shine my friends.

If you feel you are unable to shine it may be because your subconscious mind and belief system may have locked in a negative attitude.

  • Negative: Not optimistic. (Optimistic: hopeful about the future).

  • Attitude: A settled way of thinking of or feeling about someone or something. Typically, this attitude is reflected in a person’s behavior.

A negative attitude can also be brought on by shock, an unusual event or a situation that shatters your perspective of your world and your desired life. Death, illness, rape, divorce, job loss, hardship, heartache, bullying, accident, amputation, assault, these are a few things that can trigger a change, a shift in your mind and rewire your subconscious for a negative attitude.

I personally, sank to great depths of depression due to a negative attitude following a devastating event that occurred in my life. The traumatic shock I experienced when Cherie died felt like the hard drive in my mind had been crushed by a huge truck. I lost my warriors edge and allowed the negative thoughts and monkeys in my mind to reprogram and rewrite the next chapters in my life. There are numerous monkeys with big egos in our minds all the time that wish to control us. These monkeys are the negative thoughts that bombard us daily as we are trying to make sense of life and all its complications and curiosities.

I was able to defeat depression when I discovered that you create your life based on the pictures you hold in your mind.

Visualisation is an innate weapon you have within you, which when mastered can create amazing lasting positive change in nearly every area of your life.

The opposite is also true. Destruction, depression, sadness, stress and anxiety can also consume us. Negative thoughts, images and programs that you subliminally hold in your mind can become beliefs.

I know you like me; understand you are capable of more.

If I can become a Mind Ninja, you too can become a Mind Ninja and flip your mental script that may be holding you back from living your life of purpose.

Now is the time to step on the razor's edge of existence with faith and strip away your cloak of fear, shame and self-doubt and become vulnerable.

Now is the time to show guts, determination, and grit and take back control of your unique mind, body and spirit.

Now is the time to tap into the forbidden canyons of your mind, to seduce your senses and write the thrilling climax to your epic adventure.

Start today by looking into your eyes in the mirror and say “I AM ENOUGH”.

Namaste. (I bow to the divine in you)


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