Lurking in the shadows of your mind you have warrior

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Hi, my name is Michael Bennett, I am a twenty-first-century new thought author, professional comedian, magician and cortisol kicking inspirational keynote speaker.

My soon to be published book “Become a Mind Ninja”, discover how to control the monkey mind, defeat depression and live a life of purpose will be a game-changer for people looking to discover new straight forward, fun and practical ways how to control their confused mind. 

I understand the dark places some people find themselves in having gone through 30 years of depression after the sudden death of my fiancée one month before we were to be married in 1992. 

First-hand, I understand depression; it kills. It is brought on by an inner explosion when your happiness is shattered by a cloud of darkness and despair. You may find yourself crying for no apparent reason, or hearing voices; yet, you are, and feel alone. The darkness of depression engulfs your chest and envelops heavily on your shoulders like a concrete cape constricting your vocal cords. Solitude and isolation become your shield, as the Black Dog of depression slowly but methodically, keeps nudging you closer to the edge. 

After countless hours and years studying the power of the mind and training my brain with new thought techniques and visualisation skills, I was able to emerge victorious from the black dog's grip.  With the knowledge I now have I am teaching the skills I have acquired to individuals who also wish to become a Mind Ninja and reclaim control of their life. 

With my unique presentation style, I excite the imagination, inspire self-belief and have audiences laughing out loud as they reclaim their mental, physical and spiritual health.     

With your Mind Ninja standing guard on the gate to your mind, you will understand that you will be able to defeat any dark thoughts that may be shadowing you. When you become a Mind Ninja you will know without a shadow of a doubt you can stand tall and remain mentally fit under suffering or misfortune without yielding though it is difficult.  

When you Become a Mind Ninja any battle will become an accepted challenge.

Your Mind Ninja will literally help you UNbelieve any negative thoughts and programming you may have so you can REdream and change the course of your life forever. 

Becoming a Mind Ninja is not a special club for a selected few. No. You were born a formidable warrior. This is an innate gift and trait that is given to you at birth, regardless of your colour, creed or gender.  



  • Formidable: Inspiring respect through being capable.

  • Warrior: A Brave Fighter.

Become a Mind Ninja today.