Inspired Living with The
Mind Ninja Academy

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Do you have a battle plan for living an inspired life?

What is an inspired life?

An inspired life to me is a life that has you feeling fulfilled and grateful. It’s living to you full potential with passion and purpose. Living an inspired life as a Mind Ninja is an inspiration itself and a shining light to others who may learn, thrive and survive because of your example. 

If I was to describe inspired living with one word, that word would be FAITH. I use the word faith because it’s a great acronym for me meaning formidable attitude igniting the heart.

A fantastic formidable attitude is an attitude of gratitude. When you start your day with an attitude of gratitude it enables you to focus on the positive aspects of your life, surroundings and people in your proximity. When you focus on the positive aspects of your life you are more likely to feel uplifted and energised for living because your vibrational energy and higher universal power will attract more things to you to be grateful for into your life. Imagine an attitude of gratitude being like a suit of armour you wear to protect you mind, body and spirit from negative energies and ideas.

Inspired living involves a trajectory towards a desired target. Living an inspired life can be difficult, confusing and near impossible if you are unable to acquire a clear vision of your desired target. What gives you inspiration to rise each morning and head into your world? A desired target or goal will give you something to aim for and will keep your mind mentally fit as it analyses your reactions to any given situation and keeps you perpetually moving forward in the right direction enabling you to hit your desired target.

I find inspired living is best achieved when you are wearing your best curve, ‘your smile’. It is difficult to have a bad attitude when you smile. Your smile evokes the feeling of happiness and gives off an overall sense that everything is alright. The power of a genuine smile is incredible. A genuine smile is your personal gift that you can give freely to anyone. The gift of your smile can uplift and energize individuals because it validates and acknowledges their presents in this world. This in turn will energize you and charge your heart with the necessary power it needs to connect as a caring human. The coolest thing about smiles is that they are contagious, so why not put a smile on your face and pass it on my friends.

Inspired living can be achieved when you have control of the ego driven monkeys in your mind. The monkey mind is the name given to the random thoughts that bombard us daily as we try to navigate the world in which we live. These ego monkeys can get very loud, aggressive and demanding. Ego and inspiration don’t normally go hand in hand because the ego generally has a self-centred agenda. Ego can stifle connection, cooperation and collaboration. Ego can also instigate self-doubt within your mind and hold you back from acknowledging your full potential. Having an attitude of gratitude with a smile on your face can keep ego at bay because your focus is on a positive future.

Only one person can live your inspired life, that’s you. Just be you and believe in yourself at all times. Be kind to yourself and understand that striving for perfection in any area of your life can cause stress, anxiety and grief because of its unattainability. I discovered that when I released the unrealistic high expectations of myself and just strived to do my best at any given endeavour I was able to gain peace of mind and master my emotions.

To live an inspired life it is imperative for you to be authentically courageous as you traverse the emotional and turbulent landscape of life. Take a leap of faith into the unknown arena of your chosen endeavour and never let failure be your nemesis. Live every moment from a place of bliss and gratitude knowing you are doing your best. 

Laugh as much as you can and with as many people as you can. Never take yourself to seriously, be observant and consciously aware of the moment you are in and find your joyful ha-ha. Internal reflection of the funny side of all situations can bring your mind, body and spirit back to a calmed happy state. Laughter is a great antidote for stress and sadness; it lightens the heart and lifts spirits.

Persistence is a key factor to living an inspired life. No matter the situation you find yourself in, “never give up”. Keep your eye and mind on your target always. There will be good days and bad days, but the good thing about life is you don’t only get one shot at it. You can change your target at any time and realign your position, find your focus and shoot for the moon again.

Inspired living happens now, and now, and now. Inspired living doesn’t happen if you, he, she, them, or when I, him, she, they. Add your favourite verb to any of these. Inspired living isn’t a thing to achieve or accomplish. Inspired living is a choice. A life style choice to live your very best life you can right in this minute with no regrets. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Inspired living requires very little baggage so stop dragging old baggage around from pillar to post just so you can unpack it and find something that will validate your gloomy disposition.

Inspired living will show up when you are honest and bold. Be bold enough to be honest with yourself and your feelings. Be kind and care for the man in the mirror first, only then can you be kind and care for your collective brothers and sisters under the watchful eye of mother earth.

Be the stone of love that is thrown into the pond of peace that causes a beautiful ripple effect that flows over those who cross your path. Love is the pulsating beat of the planet and all its wonders. Understand that your heart is a link in the chain that connects us all. Love is the drug we should all have a puff on and pass around. Inspired living is being high on and in love with life.

No matter your religious or spiritual beliefs it is imperative you know there is a higher universal intelligence working for you. Your imagination is the gateway to your greatness. Be ok being with your silent self and your consciousness. Ask questions within the quite space of your mind without expectations or demanding answers. Imagine you are part of a wild river and it is flowing as it is meant to be. There may be rocks, derby and danger but the river never gives up and stays true to its trajectory.

Never become so indifferent that you fail to see the wonder in the eyes of the young and the sparkle in the eyes of the aged. Be the love you are looking for and live the best inspired life you can.