You have a formidable Warrior locked up inside of you. You were born a formidable Warrior. In fact, the very first smack you got on you bum was a knighthood because of your bravery. YOU battled millions and YOU were the one to break the egg. YOU then survived nine months in an unfamiliar environment against your will. You may have battled pressure, drugs, alcohol, stress, depression or disease within this environment. But battle you did, and you won the battle and broke into this wonderful world, which is denied too many by the way (think about that for a moment). You came into this world with a Warrior mindset and marvellous weapons, the same weapons your ancestors had and used daily, if they didn’t, you would not be here. Sadly, I feel a large number of the human race has had their Warrior mindset erased due to negative programming from cultural, community and clan influences. 


The Mind Ninja Academy will expose you to an infinite intelligence through the powerful weapon of visualisation. 


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